The Melting Pot: An ingenious and tasteful new hangout, in a historic part of Limassol!

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In one of the most historic streets of Limassol, Eleftherias Street, Panagiotis and Stefani decided to make the most out of a building with distinctive references from the middle of the 20th century, in order to bring the people of the city in touch with exquisite taste.

Both of them come from the field of architecture and design, yet they know very well, that the pleasure offered by a beautifully decorated space and a well-built building, is intertwined with delicious food, fine drinks and beverages.

This elegantly bright space, with decoration that blends with the flattering curves of the building, works as a melting pot of both older and modern elements, in a street that has always been a cultural meeting point.

Therefore, The Melting Pot Concept became a way for them to provide what they also enjoy themselves: elegant furniture and decorations with vintage references, but also a menu for special delights from early in the morning until late at night.

Address: Eleftherias 133
Telephone: 25 109725