The Limassol Municipal University Library Gardens

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Upon completion of the renovation of the Pilavakis Mansion, which houses the Limassol Library, the entire city (and beyond) was thrilled with the majestic image of the building which has been a jewel in the historical city center for 100+ years. The operation of the Municipal University Library has turned it into a study space that can also host events, while recently, its garden has become a cool destination for relaxation and reading.

The Mansion’s large garden, with its tall palm trees, fountain and lawn areas, tucked behind the elaborate railings of its enclosure, complete the impressive image of this unique building. This idyllic space, besides being yet another gem for the Library, has also evolved into a cool and comfortable area that can accommodate those who wish to study in the fresh air.

Thus, comfortable seating areas, benches and garden tables as well as sunshades have been set up in the garden, accommodating the public in a cool environment.

The operation of the garden began in the summer of 2019, remaining open until midday, and will continue operating for as long as the weather remains pleasant, gradually increasing its hours throughout the day.