The Icon: The 25 - floor 'diamond' that is about to be constructed in Yermasoyia!

The license procedure has come to the final strength for the new tower, reaching up to 125 meters high, which is planned to be constructed at the Yermasoyia tourist area. The Icon, by Imperio Properties, is aiming to become a diamond building, inspired by the precious jewelry. 

The building of 25 floors in total, aspires to offer, apart from the unique design, which refers to the cuts of an impressive diamond, and the leisure residences, an open experience of the high rise view to everyone, too. This is why 1 entire floor, in the middle of the building, is designed to provide services for visitors. The floor will host a large fitness center, as well as areas for dining and drinks.

The development includes 54 exceptional residences, which will enjoy a panoramic sea and intercoastal views of Limassol, as well as an infinity pool, giving the impression of swimming towards the horizon. The project has not been officially announced yet, and there might be changes to its final image. The residences are expected to be delivered in 2020.