The Gallery: A lounge bar with an impressive design and an enormous balcony!

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An impressive balcony, panoramic sea views, and a luxurious lounge make up the space at The Gallery Lounge & Sushi Bar, at the Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa.

A space that has been making an impression since the spring of 2019, when it first opened its doors, it has now proven to be a destination that can offer unique experiences year-round. The modern décor, with colors reminiscent of the Mediterranean that tie in with surrounding backdrop, the comfortable sofas and idyllic views, are just a few of its main advantages.

The balcony is an ideal option for spring, summer and autumn, as well as the sunny days of winter. Guests can enjoy coffee, drinks, and aromatic shisha whilst enjoying sea views. The sushi bar is located in the interior space, as is a grand piano which adds a musical accompaniment to evenings at The Gallery.

Contact number: 25 862000