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The future of the Russian business in Cyprus, an issue of discussion in Limassol

For the fourth year the conference "The Future of Russian business in Cyprus" was held in Limassol on March 23rd 2017. The conference was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, attracting a significant number of members of the business world from Cyprus and abroad.

Leading experts who associated with the Russian business in Cyprus, Russia, Switzerland and Luxembourg, were asked to analyze the perspectives for the future of business in the country. The speakers analyzed the prospects of the new, emerging economic environment.

During the discussion, issues such as new business trends, the impact in Cypriot society and entrepreneurship, the economic forecasts for 2017 and 2018, the citizenship scheme, the changes in the tax system, the merits and perils of being a trustee and much more were raised. The conference was addressed by the Russian Ambassador in Cyprus, Stanislav Osadchiy, and the Director General of the Ministry of Labor, Andreas Assiotis, who read the message of the President of the Republic. The conference was organized by the Cyprus - Russian Business Association and the Russian Desk, which operates in cooperation with the LCCI.

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