The Fat Bull Co.: The city's famous burger shop in a modern industrial space!

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It has made its presence just a few years ago in the city, but it has already gained a dedicated audience and for a good reason. During this time, the menu prepared by Alexandros Kyriakou for Fat Bull & Co, became one of the most favoured choices for burger lovers and more.

Initially he started up providing only take-away and delivery services, found his own "home" in a place with industrial-style aesthetics, and has recently grown, creating a comfortable dining room, where you can enjoy his fine burgers, to the sounds of funky music.

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The menu stands out for the raw material, with burgers made from dry aged Aberdeen Angus. Vegetarian/vegan options are also available.

Address: Steliou Kyriakidi 27, Limassol
Contact Number: 70002737