The delicious dishes of the wild, in the Limassol countryside!

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In years past, when people lived close to nature, their main source of nourishment was anything the earth provided. Their food may have been simple and quite humble, but it certainly did not lack flavor. Today, these traditional recipes are preserved by those lucky enough to know where and when to find these ingredients in the wild.

Besides being a delicious and frugal dish, they are also foods with unique nutritional value.

Greens, which thrive mainly during the spring and autumn months, are among the most popular options. Wild, leafy greens, wild garlic, mallows and dandelion leaves, as well as delicious wild asparagus are just some of the plants that have nurtured and fed entire generations on the island for centuries.


If you find yourself in the villages of the Limassol mountains, at a time when wild greens are flourishing, you may stock up on these edible plants from small sellers around the village. Alternatively, you can visit taverns that carry on the ancient tradition of utilizing these wild ingredients in their dishes.