Symposio Tavern: Cypriot cuisine in the village, with fresh ingredients straight from the fields!

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In one of Limassol’s most well-known wine villages, a traditional tavern has drawn attention, both within Cyprus and from abroad.

The tavern is located in a stone-built, restored house in Pelendri, offering a menu based on the traditional flavors of the local cuisine and seasonal products of its own production.

Nicos, who has 35 years of experience in the industry and is a true connoisseur of tasty meze dishes, grows his own fruits and vegetables, and also takes every opportunity to collect seasonal produce from the surrounding forest and fields, which he utilizes with great knowledge and skill in his dishes.

'Kleftiko' meat, which is slow-cooked for 18 hours in a traditional wood-burning oven, is one of the most popular dishes at Symposio.

The tavern is very well known for its dishes featuring a variety of wild mushrooms from the forest. Nicos has learned to located wild morchella mushrooms, which thrive in the surrounding areas during the rainy season, and he enhances his recipes with their unique flavor.

The homemade bread and olive oil, the omelettes with eggs from their own chickens and salads chosen by himself from the orchard, give a special note to a simple, yet authentic menu.

 Address: Prodromou 61, Pelendri village
Contact number: 99 404348