SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

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SUP, or Stand Up Paddle, is a sport available almost throughout the entire year in Limassol, and is suitable for both experienced athletes and beginners.

This particular sport is considered to be an evolution of surfing, as the idea came about when surfers began using their paddles to cover large distances on their boards. It is considered to be good exercise for both the mind and the body, as it requires concentration as well as balance. The SUP board can also be used for pilates and yoga exercises in the water.

SUP trainers and exercise groups are available in in Limassol. There is also the possibility of renting as well as purchasing the relevant equipment, which is ideal for people who wish to take up the sport more regularly. Below you may find useful numbers to find out about lessons and other relevant information about the sport.

SUP Club Limassol: 97 796746
Windsurfers On Tour: 99 436343
SUP Pilates: 96 677144