Strofi sti Gefsi: A family-run tavern, with 30+ years of tradition in the Limassol mountains!

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A much-frequented passageway in the Limassol mountain region, on the road from Pera Pedi towards Kato Platres, is characterized by the presence of a family tavern with a 30+ year tradition.

Strofi sti Gefsi is a welcoming tavern which has been operating thanks to the dedication of 3 generations of the same family and preparing authentic, Cypriot flavors.

It is a firm choice for mountain dining, serving tasty food on the grill such as kebabs, shieftalia, sausages, chops, halloumi, as well as fresh vegetables and salads from the family garden.

Seasonal dishes such as the summery stuffed zucchini flowers, the autumnal wild mushrooms, the wild asparagus and other wild greens collected by the owners themselves, are the special flourishes that remind visitors how Cypriot cuisine comes straight from nature.

Address: Mandria
Contact number: 25 421221