St. Andreas hotel: A new boutique hotel rejuvenates the Limassol city center!

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Plans for the construction of a new hotel, the St. Andreas Hotel, is in the works for the commercial center of Limassol, on Agiou Andreou Street. This is one of the latest ambitious moves that have recently been taking place with the aim of utilizing old properties to create a new vibe in the area.

The idea was the result of a native Limassolian’s love for the city center, an area which holds special memories for him growing up, and where he aims to create new prospects for the future. The hotel comprises 2 units, one with 40 rooms and another with 14 apartments. Its main advantage is its spacious inner courtyard, which will occupy a large area of the property.

The aim is to create dining and leisure areas, with a view of the green courtyard, which will act as a recreation space for residents and visitors of the hotel. Parts of the existing building will be incorporated in the new construction, including its large stone-built wall. The hotel facilities will include a gym and a spa, as well as a pool atop the hotel's roof garden.

Address: 159 Agiou Andreou Street (east of Anexartisias street)