Souvenir: Constantina created a hangout that awakens the memory in Limassol!

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Right in a hidden walkway in the city center, not easily noticed if you don’t cross the sidewalk on foot, a hangout was set up aiming to awaken beautiful memories in their guests’ minds, through its music, decoration, but also its friendly hospitality.

Evocative, airy, made to bring friends together, Souvenir was made to keep the moments we want to keep from the past, alive. With retro decor, furniture that tell their own unique stories from past decades, beloved music hits, refreshing drinks and bites, this space has elements that make you feel at home.

Tip: Do not leave without your own lyric souvenir and remember to check out the Green Notebook!

Live music nights, but also nights where the list of songs is created by the guests who become a great company, complete the beautiful atmosphere in Souvenir.

Address: 72 Athinon Street