Skylight: An elegant restaurant in Limassol, with amazing mountain view!

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With  a stylish, comfortable setting and refined decoration, Skylight is a restaurant that managed to become a favorite for people these part few years. Being one of the popular dining options at the mountain resort of Platres village, the restaurant has stood out for its unique views, as well as its fine cuisine.

Classy and spacious, the restaurant has a capacity of over 400 seats, both inside and out. During the warmer months, guests are offered the option of dining in the garden of the restaurant, surrounded by beautiful flowers, having a unique mountain view. This is something that they are still going to be able to enjoy thanks to new arrangements, with glass windows all around the open area, allowing the seated people to dine in this location, even in the winter, even with rain and snow falling.

In line with the class of the rest of the setting and a natural extension to the restaurant, the pool area which becomes an alternative option for relaxing moments during the summer. Apart from its atmosphere, though, its culinary specialties and delights, which range from a large variety of flavors and cuisines, are also an element that make it stand out. The rich exquisite menu, moves from mousaka and kleftiko, grilled meats, lounza and halloumi, to international cuisine with meat, fish and seafood, as well as special desserts, which means that it is rather impossible to be left unsatisfied.

Among its specialties, with recipes inspired by modern cuisine, you will also find meats cooked with a taste of Cyprus, combined with commandaria wine.

Address: 524, Archbishop Makarios Street, Platres
Contact number: 25 422 244

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