Sherlock's Home Bar: A garden for all seasons for food and drinks in the center of town!

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Sherlock's Home is an all-day bar in the center of Limassol that has made an impression thanks to its unique image, its welcoming atmosphere, and its interesting menu choices. 

The arcade that is created where Anexartisias and Athinon Streets meet was transformed into a quiet space, decked in greenery, romantic twinkling lights and retro lanterns, where one can enjoy food and drinks from morning to night. Beyond the decor, which is reminiscent of a London neighborhood, another standout element is the circular bar around the tree in the courtyard. 

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The idyllic atmosphere is complemented by the warm atmosphere in the interior of the bar, which features dark wood tones and vintage decor, and a lit stove for winter evenings, thus creating a unique setting. 

 The menu offers delicious meals featuring burgers, steaks and salads, as well as brunch dishes, and a cava and cocktail menu that make up the perfect accompaniment.

Address: 57 Anexartisias Street, corner of Athinon Street
Contact number: 25 550200