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Sunday, 02 July 2017

Sheperd's festival @ Pachna

The shepherd's festival takes place for the fourth year, showcasing the stock raising tradition of Limassol's countryside and introducing the local products to the visitors.

The festival includes several, interesting activities, such as: 

  • Demonstration of the shearing and milking sheep and goats.
  • Preparation of traditional dairy products of the site.
  • Traditional local animal breeds exhibition.
  • Free guided tour to Agios Stefanos,  a small ancient chapel that is the most ecclesiastical monument of the village and probably the oldest chapel in     Cyprus.
  • Promotional bazaar with traditional dairy products.
  • Exhibition of stock raising tools and other items.
  • Demonstration of traditional trades.
  • Free Donkey ride.
  • Traditional Dance programme by the Association of Culture “Agios Stefanos”.
  • Cypriot traditional folk music by Michalis Tterlikkas and his music team "Muse"
  • Kids’ corner with Face Painting, Games, Painting e.t.c.
  • Falk  Dancing Group “Diplogefiro” Trimiklinis

Free Halloumi and Anari samples would be offered to have a taste.
Bus tour to Agios Stefanos Chapel will start from Car Park Pachna at 17:30.

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