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Sailing is a sport through which a captain steers his boat across the sea with the help of the wind in its sails. It is a flourishing activity in Limassol, helped by the city’s various Nautical Clubs which promote extraordinary athletes and organize large, international racing events.

This sport can be undertaken by children aged 6 and above, as well as adults. The size of the boat and the crew varies according to age and experience.

Aside from the physical exercise it provides, this sport also improves athletes’ resourcefulness and perception, as well as fostering a familiarity with the strength of the wind and the waves.

Limassol Nautical Club: 25 318181
Famagusta Nautical Club: 25 879767
Kyrenia Nautical Club: 99 231096
Cyprus International Sailing Club: 96 655136
St Raphael Yacht Club: 25 834255
West Water Sports: 99 662780
Crest Water Sports Centre: 25 635101
More Water Sports: 99 810818
Columbia Water Sports: 99 612262