Rothkia's Home (Parekklsia)

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In the village of Parekklisia, grandma Rodia left behind an inheritance of a traditional stone built home, which became synonymous with the history and evolution of the village, as it transformed over the years from a coffee shop, to a grocery store, to a small guest house, and then a barber shop and a bakery.

Today, the ‘House of Rothkia’ has been turned into a beautiful guest house that preserves a part of its history. The guest house comprises 5 fully equipped rooms with a kitchen, air conditioning, a fireplace, WiFi and a TV, thus ensuring guests’ comfort.

Its location is ideal for those seeking tranquility within a traditional setting, and at a short distance from the beach and the city. All rooms open out onto an inner paved courtyard, where one can relax among the aromas of basil and jasmine.

Address: 41 Archangel Michael, Parekklisia
Contact number: 99 228880