Roll & Boil: A pelmeni bar that makes fresh Russian dumplings, for the whole family!

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Lepim i Varim wanted to make the unique taste of pelmeni known worldwide, with Russian cuisine pasta stuffing, by creating an international pelmeni network consisting of more than 40 restaurants.

Roll & Boil is the first to open in Cyprus and is hosted in a modern space with an open kitchen where you can taste traditional pelmeni in eight different versions. For the stuffing of pelmeni, choose between meat, fish, cheese, potatoes and cherries with Cherry Lady as a popular choice. On the menu you will also find delicious soups, salads and fresh juices. Before you leave you can get frozen pelmeni to go.

The place also provides a special menu for our little friends, with delicious filling choices like velvety mashed potato and chicken with aromatic basil.

Address: Georgiou A '60, Yermasoyia, Limassol
Contact Number: 97 799334