35+ restaurants with delightful views in Limassol!

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The city and countryside of Limassol have countless idyllic locations with amazing views. Many restaurants have made a good use of these locations, offering unique culinary experiences.

A list with the spaces that allow their guests to enjoy both the flavors in the menu and the views, offers everyone the opportunity to choose according to their taste.


Restaurants in the city

1. LPM Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant offers a wide range of options at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, where you can enjoy imaginative Mediterranean cuisine. The delicate decoration and the wonderful sea views complete the special experience of the place.

Address: Giannou Kranidioti 11, Pyrgos
Contact number: 25 862222

2. Nammos Limassol

Natural touches offset by the bright blue of the sea, elegant yet minimal decoration, welcome you to a  restaurant among the best in the world. Nammos Limassol offers a unique menu with fine seafood options, juicy meats of excellent quality, as well as a luxurious wine list.

Address: Giannou Kranidioti 11, Pyrgos
Contact number: 97 788873

3. Sailor’s Rest

The lounge bar and restaurant is an extension of the St Raphael hotel. It offers drink and food options from morning to night, with the fresh fish and lobster dishes stealing the show.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 502, Pyrgos
Contact number: 25 834200

4. Malindi Beach Bar & Restaurant

Elegant but also relaxing, calm and vibrant at the same time, this is a space suitable for a refreshing drink, a light snack and even proper lunch or dinner with amazing sea views.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 194, Parekklisia
Contact number: 25 379500

5. PlusSea

A nice space with tables just a few steps from the sea, where one can enjoy creative dishes and refreshing drinks, from early in the morning until late at night.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 95, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 634995

6. Armyra

Amara’s hotel Armyra is a charming space, sound-tracked by the sound of the sea, for which the Chef George Papaioannou has created dishes with fresh fish, seafood and many more culinary delights prepared with local ingredients.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 95, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 44 2222

7. Matsuhisa Limassol

World-renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa presents a unique Japanese - Peruvian culinary experience in the Amara hotel with signature dishes. An extensive menu of sake and exotic cocktails, as well as the terrace view complement the experience.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 95, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 44 2222

8. Ristorante Locatelli 

The Ristorante Locatelli by celebrity Chef Giorgio Locatelli is embodying Italy’s spirit, from homemade pasta to delectable desserts. Its guests can enjoy their meal outdoors, with wonderful panoramic views from the Amara hotel.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 95, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 44 2222

9. Limanaki Fish Restaurant

The restaurant, located within just a few steps from the sea in the 5-star Amathus Beach hotel, during the summer season, being one of the most popular restaurants for fresh fish and seafood in Cyprus.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 75, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 832000

10. The Grill Room

The Grill Room in Amathus hotel is the house of prime cuts of meat from around the world, as well as fish and poultry, cooked in the world famous Josper grill oven, known to bring out the qualities of each carefully sourced ingredient.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 75, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 832000

11. Vivaldi by Mavromatis

Vivaldi restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel, offers genuine Mediterranean cuisine with high quality standards. In conjunction with the internationally renowned Chef Andreas Mavrommatis, based in Paris. The outdoor area of the restaurant is available during the summer months.

Addres: Amathountos Avenue 67 - 69, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 858000

12. M Fusion

A summer season restaurant offering gorgeous outdoor sea views is the latest addition to the culinary options available at the Four Seasons Hotel. A wide selection of delights included in its menu, allow you to enjoy bite size, tapas style appetizers, delicious sushi and nigiri, a variety of fresh oysters, oyster creations and caviar.

Addres: Amathountos Avenue 67 - 69, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 858000

13. Akakiko

A popular Japanese restaurant in the 5-star The Royal Apollonia hotel, with minimalistic decor and a welcoming atmosphere. It offers lunch or dinner with authentic Asian cuisine and panoramic views of the sea.

Address: Georgiou A, 68, Yermasoyeia
Contact number: 77 778022

14. Puesta Oyster Bar & Grill

An idyllic setting overlooking the Limassol sea, combined with delicious flavors of seafood, shellfish and fish. Open from early in the morning until late at night for drinks, coffee, or a full meal for lunch or dinner.

Address: Amathountas Avenue 42, Agios Tychon
Contact number: 25 329040

15. Fat Fish Restaurant

With a view of the Limassol seaside, this restaurant offers a wide range of fish and seafood, ideally paired with fine wine. Those seeking variety will also find many options other than seafood to enjoy.

Address: Promachon Eleftherias 4, Agios Athanasios
Contact number: 25 828181

16. Columbia Beach 

A space that charms its guests all year round, with the restaurant’s creative cuisine with fresh fish, meat dishes, sushi, brunch and more, the rich wine cellar stocked with eclectic wines and cocktails.

Address: Promachon Eleftherias 6, Agios Athanasios
Contact number: 25321500

17. La Brezza (Crowne Plaza)

The Italian restaurant in Crowne Plaza Limassol Hotel has an amazing terrace overlooking the sea. The menu includes imaginative salads, Italian pasta and authentic risotto, as well as Mediterranean meat and seafood dishes.

Address: Promachon Eleftherias 2, Agios Athanasios
Contact number: 25 851515

18. Pier One

Featuring an impressive design and panoramic views of the Limassol coastline, Pier One is a space where you can enjoy international cuisine, light meals, desserts and drinks, from morning to night.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 022375

19. The Steak House

With unparalleled views of the sea, The Steak House offers a variety of American steaks, Wagyu steaks, and a choice of salads, lobster, salmon, shrimp, chicken, and burgers.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 99 988180

20. Diamante Blu

A space with a wonderful view above the sea, is ideal for relaxing from morning to evening, with coffee or cocktails, breakfast or brunch, light meals or lunch and dinner options.

Address: Old Port
Contact number: 25 377378

21. Epsilon Resto Bar

Mediterranean and international flavors, creative desserts and a rich brunch menu consist the options one can enjoy in Epsilon, with panoramic views to the Limassol Marina. 

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051393

22. Pyxida

Overlooking the impressive anchorage of the Limassol Marina, this elegant restaurant has become one of the most prestigious destinations for lovers of fish and seafood dishes. 

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051200

23. Marina Breeze

A 'floating' space above the sea at Limassol Marina, ideal for for enjoying delicious dishes and gazing the view. On the menu you will find brunch, seafood, juicy meats, delicious pasta, as well as a variety of vegan options, making it a beautiful choice from morning to night.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051230

24. Gazebo Mare

The restaurant's menu, which functions as an extension of the beach bar, offers fish and seafood, along with tasty sauces and interesting flavor combinations, snacks, salads and tempting desserts.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 051878

25. Captain’s Cabin

The food here is offered in an impressively decorated and cozy setting by the sea. From salads and snacks, to seafood and fish on the grill, Captain's Cabin has everything you need to satisfy your culinary expectations on every visit.

Contact number: 96 304050

26. Columbia Sun

Columbia Sun is found by the waves on Lady's Mile coast and has specially designed spaces that cover every taste and preference. On its menu, one discovers impressive dishes with an emphasis on Greek cuisine, tempting sweets, fine wines and refreshing cocktails.

Address: Lady's Mile
Contact number: 25 321700


Restaurants in the countryside

27. Hill View

An idyllic place with stunning panoramic views of the valley and Pissouri bay. On the menu you will find dishes of international cuisine, with touches of local flavors and original recipes.

Address: Stadiou 4607, Pissouri
Contact number: 25 221972

28. Cape Aspro

Local fish and seafood platters accompanied by exotic cocktails, are some of the options for those who want to enjoy a nice meal at Columbia Beach Resort's outdoor restaurant, overlooking Pissouri Bay.

Address: Pissouri Bay
Contact number: 25 833000

29. Bacchus Restaurant

Bacchus Restaurant, located at Columbia Beach Resort in Pissouri, offers a tempting menu inspired by Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, in a highly atmospheric setting.

Address: Columbia Beach Resort, Pissouri
Contact number: 25 833000

30. Veranda Food & Wine

Veranda Food & Wine is located at the New Helvetia Hotel. It offers delicious options for lunch and dinner on weekends, as it enjoys a unique view of the hill of Saint Irene

Address: Elvetias 6, Platres
Contact number: 25 421348

31. Rendezvous Restaurant

The restaurant of the Petit Palais hotel in Platres gazes at the pine forest of the surrounding slopes. Both guests and visitors can enjoy the view along with a fine meal.

Address: Panagias Faneromenis 112, Platres
Contact number: 25 422723

+ More tasty pleasures

If you are looking for excellent dining options in the city of Limassol and views are not part of your criteria, below you will find a list of special places with imaginative dishes, that are certainly worth trying.

Golden Monkey Thai Restaurant (25 834343)

Columbia Steak House (25 278000)

Como Osteria Lounge (25 247247)

Aliada (25 340758)

Neon Phaliron (25 365768)

Le Frenchie (25 212333)

Bono Bar & Restaurant (25 378800)

Oshi Asian Restaurant (25 377770)

Zen Room (25 025555)

Artima Bistro (25 820466)

La Maison Fleurie (25 320680)

Le Bordeaux Bistro & Winebar (99 184451)

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