Prawn bonsai: A surprising culinary experience in Limassol!

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An impressive prawn dish that offers a unique tasty experience and more is one of the latest culinary options on offer in Limassol. A bonsai tree decked out with prawns is one of the eclectic options available on the award-winning menu of Epsilon Resto Bar.

Known as one of the most enticing dining options in Limassol, this space is famous for its creative ideas and unique flavors, as well as for the overall experience and atmosphere it creates. This particular dish, inspired by Asian cuisine and culture, offers a unique surprise upon its arrival to the table. 

The prawns, which are coated with a distinct mixture of Asian seasonings, are presented upon a bonsai tree. A delicious sauce for dipping is placed near the tree roots, complementing the flavors of the prawns perfectly. The dish is presented by dousing the tree roots, which are covered with dry ice, to create an impressive effect. 

Address: Limassol Marina
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