OPENING: Potatoes with all benefits by a homemade cuisine in the Limassol city center!

A daughter with experience in European cuisines, a father with years of involvement in cooking, and a mother who cares enough so that everything has a homemade touch are the dream-team in this new tasty hangout downtown. Fries with Benefits brings in Limassol... potatoes with everything, reminding us something of the tradition of comfort food in the streets of major cities abroad, such as Milan and Brussels, but also those closer to us, like Athens and Thessaloniki.

The difference that impresses one is the preference of Fries with Benefits in fresh Cypriot raw materials, and home recipes, the way that we have known and loved them by mom’s hands. Even if you don’t really “bite” the fast food culture – just saying - how can you resist a homemade burger that was made on the same day, or a handmade veggie-burger, or a piece of delicious Spanish omelet with potatoes and aromatic herbs, or chicken nuggets, cut and breaded one by one by hand?

Although the store started with potatoes and different sauces and dips as the basic core for the menu, soon enough burgers and chicken (which were served to accompany the fries) became a delicious serving on their own, served in a bun or a brioche. The truth is that when walking around the city center and you are starving like crazy – no matter if you are a student, a busy mom, a shopping freak, or just someone who spend the day in the streets to get a job done - you can find a delicious meal with the care of a home kitchen even with 3.50 - 5 euros.

You can find Fries with Benefits at the city center, in Athinon 21 and at 25 750 030 from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

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