Pizzart by Dino: A hospitable place that takes you on a gastronomical journey to Italy!

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Near the roundabout of Saint Nicholas area, a cozy restaurant is located, that brings authentic Neapolitan pizza, in the city of Limassol!

Pizzart is a new concept, created by the famous chef, Dino Costi. The decoration of the space creates a warm atmosphere, that complements the enjoyable food experience that follows.

The aromatic pizza dough is made with sourdough, while the fresh mozzarella, the San Merzano tomatoes and the baking in a traditional Italian wood oven take you on a gastronomical journey to Italy.

On the menu, you will also find delicious appetizers and homemade ice cream, which you can accompany with wine, refreshing cocktails and beers, of exclusively Italian origin!

Address: Gladstonos 142, Limassol
Contact Number: 25 732020