PHOTOS + VIDEO: The villas in Limassol that look like islands, are unique in the Mediterranean!

The Island Villas at Limassol Marina present an impressive image now that they have been completed, as they stand out for their unique design and location. These villas are surrounded by the sea and they are the only villas in the Mediterranean built “on the sea”.

The villas, which have all but 20 been sold and resided by their owners, benefit from their own exclusive water-space, or designated private berths for yachts up to 60m attached to their individual property. Andreas Christodoulides, CEO of Limassol Marina, draws on their rarity by reaffirming that Limassol Marina’s reputation as one of the most exciting and ‘must visit’ destinations in the continent, keeps growing.

Immersed in the tranquility of sparkling azure waters, this dual property and berth ownership package includes the comfort of the marina’s secure surroundings, as well as the convenience of its first-class facilities. Epitomising the essence of ‘living on the sea’ a mere stroll from the city centre, the villas are also just metres away from the beach, and the development’s dining, shopping, fitness, leisure and cultural facilities.

In a success story that spans over 8 years, Cyprus’ first superyacht marina has delivered a unique residential offering to property buyers from over 30 nationalities. A limited number of villas is now available for sale and 40% of the final cluster of luxury apartments in the sea at Castle Residences has already been sold or reserved

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