PHOTOS + VIDEO: The bright, sparkly setting at the Old Port marks the start of Christmas in Limassol!

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Christmas Land, the beautiful, holiday setup that was inaugurated for the first time this year at the Limassol Old Port has been fully illuminated, marking the start of the holiday period in the city.

The large Ferris wheel that was placed days ago in the center of the Old Port Square, drawing the attention of crowds, was complemented by the beautiful Christmas tree and the two-tier carousel in the brand new Syntagma Square. In this way, a connected cluster of festive areas was created so that visitors both old and young can enjoy a fun, wintery stroll.

In combination with the already-bright lights of the Old Port, the additional soft glow of Christmas Land adds to the warm and festive atmosphere of the coming days, all the way up to the big Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

The 2 squares have certainly set the holiday festivities in motion, calling on people to come out and enjoy precious family moments, as the city dons its festive gear for even more to come.

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