PHOTOS + VIDEO: Limassol's shipwreck that came up out of nowhere!

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The sign placed over the sunken ship in the open sea area of the Limassol port, has officially mapped the, unknown to many until now, shipwreck, which was spotted out in the open of the Limassol port. The shipwreck draw the attention of a wider audience after being spotted by a drone, not long ago.

It is a shipwreck lying at a relatively shallow depth, at around 4 – 5 meters under the sea level and it seems to be a vessel of commercial use, which was sunk in that area, over 10 years ago. The ship was never drawn outside the water, since this was rather expensive to do for its worth.

The safety, warning sign used to mention the location of a shipwreck underwater, has been installed over this location, after several years during which the shipwreck remained unknown to most. Thus, apart from drones, which can easily spot it when flying above, since the waters are quite clear, other vessels sailing it that area can now be aware of the sunken ship’s existence.

Photos — video: Cyprus from Air