PHOTOS + VIDEO: First images from the spectacular Christmas Land!

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Christmas Land in the Enaerios area in Limassol has made its debut with a bang. Featuring dozens of games for the young and the young at heart, a festive atmosphere, thousands of lights and a 32-meter Ferris wheel, it is a fun-filled fair which aims to delight the crowds until January 2019.

The large Ferris wheel has become the Christmas Land trademark. People who take a spin on it will enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area, and also get a birds eye view of all that is happening in the festive park below. Thrilling rides that spin you upside down or shoot you up to dizzying heights are available for adrenaline junkies, as well as more low-key rides and trains that are suitable for children and the faint of heart, thus satisfying every taste and mood.  

The park includes kiosks offering food and a variety of delicacies, while the stage set up at the southern end of the space will host live performances by popular artists from Greece.

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