PHOTOS + VIDEO: An open-roof, red bus has began its tours in Limassol!

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The image of a red, 2-storey bus touring around the city, offering a panoramic view to anything worth-seeing, is quite popular in Europe, as well as in the rest of the world. This image has recently arrived in Limassol’s streets, too, with the bus taking on a trip all the people that look forward to enjoy a view of the city’s beauties, from one end to the other.

The scheduled yours on this bus include 13 different stops, both within the urban area and outside of it. This way, a passenger has the opportunity to pass by some of the most characteristic parts of Limassol, starting from the historical city center and reaching to some of the most significant monuments in the district, such as the medieval castle in Kolossi village and the ancient kingdom of Kourion.

Apart from the panoramic views, the bus also allows the passengers to hop off and then back on the vehicle, in order to see the areas from a closer view, while there is an individual multilingual audio system with digital sound offered in 10 different languages.

The first rides on the Cyprus Sightseeing bus in Limassol have left its passengers very enthusiastic with this experience and it seems to be an addition that was much needed in the city.

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