PHOTOS + VIDEO: A unique Easter decoration that’s stealing the show in Limassol!

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This Easter, much like the previous one, is not quite as we would have expected. The reverence and spirit of optimism that usually accompany this celebration are difficult to come by in pandemic conditions.

Amid this adverse climate, however, a festive decorative element has been erected in the city center, to remind us that this holiday is worth celebrating, even in times like these.

The beautiful Easter decorations that were placed on the Saint Nicholas roundabout a few days before the start of Holy Week are a unique artistic creation, reflecting the values of the upcoming celebration. The roundabout was transformed into a colorful, spring wreath, featuring red-dyed eggs decorated in traditional embroidery patterns.

This special Easter creation, which came about through a collaboration of RCB Bank with the Municipality of Limassol and was materialized by Schinotechniki, combined with the ‘dancing’ of the water fountain, creates a unique spectacle that is sure to capture peoples’ hearts and fill them with a sense of hope and joy.