PHOTOS + VIDEO: A pioneering project for Cyprus, designed in Limassol!

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A pioneering development has been designed by a company in Limassol, in order to bring the first modern day care center, which will host, educate and occupy People with Special Needs and Rare Diseases. It will be a center that will host up to 300 people, formed in a way that will allow places suitable both for adults and children.

The lack of such a center is an issue that led several cases of people with disabilities or rare diseases, along with their families, to a dead end. Garpozis Developments, a company that counts half a century in Limassol, has presented its initiative for the design and implementation of such a center, in collaboration with specialists that deal with people with disabilities.

Divided in 3 special sections, with areas suitable for the education and activities of people 0 — 6 years old, 6 — 18 years old and 18+ years old, along with modern sports facilities, the Day Center has been designed for a land of around 10.000 square meters. The cost of such a pioneering project is up to €4 – 5 million and the company is about to submit a funding proposal to UEFA, so that the cost can be covered, while it is also looking for other private funds, too. The company aims to implement the project in Limassol, preferably at the General Hospital area. 

The project was designed by the architects Andria Nicolaou and Christos Georgiades, while the 3D presentation was donated by the team of EXPOSI3D.

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