PHOTOS + VIDEO: 10,000 people flooded the Limassol seafront park for this lively, vibrant event!

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The Limassol seafront park overflowed with approximately 10,000 people early on Saturday, March 23rd, all of whom participated in the opening day of the 13th OPAP Limassol Marathon. The events continued until midday, with a vibrant atmosphere and smiling faces, as the Petrolina Energy Day, now in its third year, came to an end.

On this sunny, spring day, people of all ages ran the 5 km Primetel corporate race and afterwards gathered in an area specially designed for Petrolina Energy Day, where they were entertained with music, and could relax and recover with nutritious snacks offered by health and nutrition professionals at the event.

This year's messages of solidarity and social awareness were stronger than ever, thanks to the Give & Gain programmes, which allowed each participant to support their own cause, collecting donations via a special online platform set up by the Limassol Marathon specifically for this purpose.

Petrolina made a dynamic contribution to this new platform, as their team was joined by Constantinos Charalambides, Chairman of the Football Players’ Volunteer – Charity Organisation ‘Goal in Life,' who encouraged people to donate in support of the organisation's efforts to help children in need.

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