PHOTOS: This young man takes Limassol shots from a totally different point of view!

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He is quite young, but he has a very big  and impressive way of seeing Limassol. Marcos Haber is the creator of some of the most impressive photo representations of Limassol you have ever seen, which is a proof the talent and love for what one does, may be present in a very young age.

Majestic buildings, idyllic corners by the sea, busy streets or deserted locations, gain a new life through the lens. These interesting photos allow us a different point of view for places and spots that we may go by without taking notice.

Thus, The Oval, the Agios Nicolaos roundabout, the seafront twin towers, the night traffic at the Limassol highway, the street view from the roof tops, the milky ways over the dark Kourion beach or the secluded Zapalo beach and the fish boats at the Old Port, stop being just sights and are turned into art. 

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