PHOTOS: This place in Limassol, makes and serves pizza per meter!

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It was an idea that fitted perfectly with Limassol and the historical city center, which a few years back started turning into one of the most popular areas for going out, dining and having fun. So, the pizza which you can order by the measurements of a meter, seemed to be a great match for the life at Saripolou Square.

Thus, a typical, corner building at Kanari Street, a cute pizza restaurant started making rectangular pizzas, in 21 different flavours. Every family pizza is half a meter long (50 cm x 30 cm), while each one can order their own, personal piece (10 cm x 30 cm). Special, personal, carton packaging, with an opening on its narrow side, to make its use easier, even when someone is on the go, without any trouble or fuss.

Per Metro pizza has become one of people’s favourites for its light dough (not too thick, nor to slim), which combines the Italian tradition with the way we are used to have pizza in our place. The fresh ingredients result to great taste and smell, which makes it hard for one to pick a flavour. The great part is that you have the option of trying a pizza with 5 different flavours on different stripes (which is ideal for family pizzas or groups with different tastes).

Carbonara pizza has become one of people's favorites in this menu.

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