PHOTOS: This is the plan for the recast of the area between the Old and New Port

The images included in the proposal plan of the well-known design firm, do present the prospect of a large scale project for the shipyard area in Limassol and the wider area between the Old and the New Port. It is quite an impressive presentation, which predicts the construction of an area with a use similar to the one of the seafront park (molos).

The study implemented by the design firm Polytia Armos Architects, follows the policies proposed for the regulation of future development and the traffic issues in the area, as well as the preservation and reuse of the industrial architectural heritage of the place. The proposal includes certain projects for upgrading the infrastructure of the surrounding area, aiming to rejuvenate the coastal open space.

The design study emphasizes on serving the needs of people walking or biking in the area, as well as the potential of being in touch with the sea, through multiple opportunities to entertain themselves. Polytia Armos is the firm, which has also been associated with the renovation of the Traditional Mansion at Axiotheas street in Nicosia, as well as the Cyta Regional Offices in Nicosia. The same firm was associated with the design of the recast at Paphos seafront, as well as with Katehaki Square, near the port at Chania in Crete.

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