PHOTOS: This is the impressive Russian church in progress in Limassol!

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The first Orthodox Russian church in Limassol, which aims to cover the religious needs of the growing Russian community in the area, is revealed through a series of impressive images. The construction of the Russian temple with the 5-meter tall belfry and the typical, golden domes, begun in 2017 and is scheduled to operate within 2019.

The project was initiated in 2010, with the first plans conducted in the area, and at the moment is about to take its final form. The church of Cyprus has donated 5 pieces of land in total, where 4 different constructions are located: the belfry, the church, auxiliary rooms, purposed for various events and presentations, and even as guesthouses for temporarily hosting people in need, as well as the wooden chapel, which was built over a decade ago.

The majestic belfry of the church, which is a separate building in this area, will be hosting 7 bells, all ordered and made in Russia, bearing engraved images of Saints, as well as of the donors, members of the local Russian community. The golden domes will be rising above the main temple, of 400 square meters in total.

The Russian temple has been designed trough the collaboration of Russian architects with the local firm of Nicos Mavronicolas Architects, which has also designed other clerical building in Cyprus and Agion Oros, as well as the airports of Larnaca and Paphos.

The construction of the temple responds to the need of growing Russian community, with a permanent presence in Cyprus and particularly in Limassol, to have a big church with regular services in Slavonic language with Russian-speaking priests and preserving Russian orthodox traditions.

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