PHOTOS: This desserts was made for Limassol's undecided ones!

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The are these undecided, too,  (not the ones in front of the ballot, but the ones in front of a refrigerator), who would spend several minutes in front of the refrigerator, to choose the dessert they would take with them at home. And if the undecided of the ballots cannot get a simple way out of the dilemma, in the case of the desserts, there is an option which counts for 5 – 6 different kinds of them.

Multiple tarts were designed this way, in order to combine up to 6 different flavors on the same tray, since each piece is a whole different recipe. Thus, you can taste peanut tart, raspberry tart, blackberry tart, berries tart, strawberry tart and lemon tart from the same dessert, with 2 pieces of each flavor (so that you are not disappointed if you just have to go for a second one).

Apart from the fruity options of this tart, though, there is also the one with the chocolate range of flavors, with Gianduja tart, chocolate — pistachio tart, Earl Grey Tart and chocolate — banana tart. Both desserts, a creation of the chefs at La Galerie Patisserie, are perfect for large groups or family gatherings.

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