PHOTOS + VIDEO: The unprecedented image of Limassol, on the first day of movement restrictions!

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Lively and energetic, Limassol is a city known for its vibrancy. The images of the streets and parks, however, just an hour after the restriction of movement was put in place on 24/3/2020, revealed a whole other side to it.

Though the daily routine of residents had already been altered 2 weeks after the first measures were taken to deal with the pandemic in Cyprus, the restriction of movement was an additional measure deemed necessary in order to stop the spread of the virus across the country. As soon as the restrictions were implemented, the streets of Limassol emptied completely, creating an eerie image one would only ordinarily have seen in the wee hours.

Under normal circumstances, such an image at 7 pm on a Tuesday evening would be worrisome. In this case, however, it is evidence of a collective determination to overcome this pandemic. The following morning, and the days that followed, all served to confirm this commitment. This time, the empty streets inspire optimism and faith that the city will soon be safe for everyone, filled with people, movement, and vitality, as we have come to know and love it.

We are staying home, because Limassol awaits our healthy return!

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