PHOTOS: The 'space' residences are the latest thing happening in Limassol!

Impressive architectural lines, modern aesthetics, bioclimatic design, emphasis on showcasing the landscape and high quality elements that create new standards in choosing a residence. These are the characteristics of the constructions being built on the hills over the Limassol city, presenting a whole new perspective for the image of the city suburbs.

At Panthea area, north to the ring road, the hill that enjoys panoramic view to the entire city and the Limassol bay, now hosts 2 luxurious residences that stand out for their "space" design. They are projects designed by ReARC design office, which has already presented other interesting projects in the Limassol city.

The 2 Scallet Villas have been designed to secure a view to all directions for the residents, while they follow curved lines, in order to coalesce into the landscape of the hills where they are located. The structure is infused with a sense of light and space from all sides, while there is a small patio in the center, which adds to its bioclimatic features. In fact, aiming to the thermal insulation of the residence, the building creates shadows over the large glass surfaces.

Thus, these twin residences, that resemble to futuristic space travelling crafts, with mysterious, hidden gateways and reflecting surfaces, become the latest thing happening in Limassol.

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