PHOTOS: The party that transformed a garage in Limassol's historical city center!

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Limassol’s historical city center has a unique character, a kind of magic that can only be seen when someone walks around its old neighbourhoods. This magic has created an original idea, which made it possible to transform an old garage in a unique manner, for a special party with industrial vibes, offering a different approach to a place, which remains silent after dark.

The old warehouse of EKA, a company that has been in the city center for decades, being an integral part of its economic activities and its everyday routine, hosted the pre-party of the International Short Film Festival, which takes place in Limassol for the 8th year. This is a place that has been used previously by the company itself to host celebrations and events, but this time it was ‘dressed’ in the characteristic green color, a trade mark of the Festival. Lights, video projections on the walls and loud music helped create the party’s atmosphere.

This evening proved that a location that no one would expect, can be a place for events and entertainment, which brings the people closer to the old neighbourhoods of Limassol. The willingness of EKA group to offer the place for this party, proves that there are many people sharing the wish for the rejuvenation of the historical center. Such a part, expending the Festival in the city, has stressed out for a second time round (after the event of 2017 at the warehouses of the shipyard) that fantasy and love can create beautiful and interesting things in Limassol.

The party was organized thanks to the collaboration of Rialto Theater (on behalf of the Festival) and the architects Alexandros Christophinis and Maria Lianou, with the support of EKA Group.