PHOTOS: The only bridge with 7 arches in Cyprus, is found in Limassol!

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Out of all the stone built bridges in Cyprus, the only one with 7 arches is located in the western Limassol, being truly one-of-its-kind construction. Already counting more than 1 century of life, this bridge is a rare sample of this technique on the island.

Until recently, this century-old, stone built bridge, was still part of the old road leading from Ypsonas to the nearby villages on Limassol's hills, such as Lofou. Its 7 arches, placed one next to the other, in fact atached to each other, form an unusual, small "tunnel", above which the street was passing.

The damages caused by the traffic over the bridge, led to the construction of a diversion for the road, around 200 meters long, in order to avoid the bridge and protect its stone-built construction. Thus, the bridge built in 1914, is still standing on that same spot, aroun 1 km north to Limassol — Paphos motorway, being a remarkable location in the Limassol district.