PHOTOS: The impressive transformation of an industrial building in Limassol!

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A modern construction of an impeccable taste has been designed to replace a typical, industrial building, made of cheap materials, at Agios Athanasios industrial area. It is a project designed by the architect Angelos Savvides, for the construction of the new facilities of TNT Express in the city.

Preserving the initial lines of the construction that used to host a ware house, the new building upgrades the general image of the surrounding area. With materials that refer to its industrial character, its facade is completely covered with glass, creating a different feel with the reflections created outside, as well as the light reaching inside the building through it. 

The entrance is generally upgraded, with another, curved construction, too, that harmoniously pairs with the straight lines of the buildings. It is a glass cylinder, which, apart from a decorative element, it is also very functional, hosting the escalator that leads from the ground floor to the first floor. The rings around it are a distinct element of the logo of the company. TNT Express is a company of international, based in Nicosia at the moment. The design of the new facilities in Limassol, marks the upgrade of its presence in the city, while it stresses out that the city can also benefit from industrial constructions.

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