PHOTOS: The frozen Limassol village that was set 'on fire' in the mid winter!

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Before the weekend arrived, the snow fell on the mountains, so there were many who wanted to enjoy a trip in Limassol's countryside, in the heart of winter. Apart from the white scenery, though, the frozen sunset was also a unique sight for the people who visited the highest slopes of Troodos mountains to enjoy.

In ultimate contrast with the gloomy colors of the winter setting, this sunset had the richest and most intense shades of colors, which impressed the ones that had the opportunity of a close up look. At Prodromos, the Limassol village that hits the lowest temperature in Cyprus, this phenomenon created some images, almost surreal.

Thus, even though the temperature did not reach much higher than a 0, the horizon seemed as if it was on fire. Each one of the photos reflects this unique sight in a unique way, contrasting the familiar scenery, with the amazing colors of this "fired up" horizon.

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