PHOTOS: The first images of a Troodos ready for white Christmas!

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Troodos is ready for white Christmas, with the first snowflakes falling early on Christmas Eve afternoon. Snowfall may have been limited compared to last December, but the snow did make its appearance eventually, just on time for those spending their holidays on the mountains to enjoy the scenery.

Those choosing the mountains as their destination for the last 3-day holiday of 2017, as well as those staying on the highest village of the Limassol district, proved to be very lucky, indeed. The first selfies, that bring us the feeling of the white carpet on Troodos peaks, prove the enthusiasm of the people experiencing this magic on first hand on Christmas Eve.

Just a few hours ago, the camera at the ski center would record a rather discouraging image. In fact, the comparison with the last from the same day last year, when there were several centimeters of snow, was totally disappointing.

To everyone's pleasure, though, the setting changed significantly, while the weather forecast creates expectations to many more, for the joy of white Christmas. So, there sure will be selfies to come!

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