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PHOTOS: The bizarre mystique of a corner in Limassol, where nature meets development

It is less than a 5-minute drive from the city center. Some would call it hidden, others would call it secret and others forgotten. No matter which one you may chose, the fact is that this spot brings together the greatest contradictions of the city, in a most typical manner.  

Small and secluded bays with blue waters, pebbles and green bushes or trees on the coast, are a weird "intervention" within the industrial buildings and the warehouses, the cranes and the harbor facilities, as well as the Limassol Marina with its impressive villas, the yachts and the last of its construction sites.

These bays (one right next to the Limassol Marina and the other just a few meters to the west), despite the obvious marks of abandonment and the contradictions around them, are still the places that locals from the western Limassol choose to get in touch with nature. The fishermen are regulars over there, just as the ones who swim during the entire winter. For others, the first bay is an opportunity for a short walk, shorter than 1 km, by the sea.

It is truly amazing for the residents of a large city to be able to escape daily into beautiful spots, right next to their houses. And if there still are phenomena that may cause disappointment or nuisance in the area, this only means that there is still a prospect for progress and improvement. In any case, this contradictory scenery manages to amaze people in a weird way, proving that Limassol is full of surprises.

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