PHOTOS: Lanitio will be converted into a school - park for the entire Limassol!

In one of the liveliest areas of Limassol, near the point where the cycle lane and the pedestrian zone of the linear park Garyllis begin, the area of Lanitis schools is about to change drastically. Developing a new form, the architect Yiannis Armeftis envisioned a place that would acquire an organic link with the city.

The strengthening of the traffic of pedestrians and bicycles through it, as well as the consolidation of neighborhoods are achieved by the integration of a major East - West axis connecting the edges of the piece and the design of a main square in the North - South axis. The main square is the main discharge area for all functions and includes, apart from the rest areas, the theater and the church, the Interactive Learning Center and is the starting and finish point of the course of the Environmental Park.

In the proposal presented for the regeneration of the area of schools, there is a mention for creating an urban square in the southwestern part of the block, at the intersection of Makarios III and Agias Fylaxeos avenues. This is largely coherent with the architect's belief that "we can not afford undeveloped open spaces" that contribute to the improvement of residents' quality of life.

Thus, the space of Lanitio, is designed to become a center of attraction for all citizens, particularly residents of the surrounding areas, in order to become a recreation area. Indeed, within the existing planting, clearings will be created as rest areas that include various species of endemic plants, consisting an Environmental Educational Park. At the same time it is proposed to restore the original typology of the historic buildings, with the demolition of all extensions that have altered the character of schools, aiming to highlight their historical character, too.

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