PHOTOS: A winter dive at sea is the best start to the year!

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In Limassol, there are swimmers who love the sea and visit it all year round. These winter swimmers, true lovers of the sea and its many benefits, have made swimming and beachside walks and sports a part of their daily lives, frequenting the many beaches located near the city.

With swimming an integral part of their daily life, the winter swimmers also celebrate the New Year in the water. Despite it being the heart of winter, the first day of the year finds these swimmers in the water, where, after a refreshing dip, they share new year’s greetings with food and drinks on the shore.

Residents of Limassol benefit from the healing properties of the sea throughout the year and, as such, have developed a special bond with it, one that translates into concern and interest in its protection. And so, New Years at sea symbolize a good start for the people as well as for the marine environment of the city.


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