La Brezza: A unique terrace that allows you amazing views to Limassol's blues!

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There are few places in Limassol that offer the feeling you can enjoy when in this balcony. Its location and its distance from the sea is such, as to make you feel almost as if you were sitting above the waves, while at the same time you are surrounded by an evergreen garden, with all kinds of local or exotic plants.

The terrace at the Crowne Plaza Limassol hotel is located at an easy distance from the city center, wether you intend to drive there, or combine its experience with a walk by the sea. From spring to summer and from autumn to winter, this place is always a relaxing refuge with bits of pleasure, which are undoubtedly the secrets to surviving the fast-paced routine of the city. If, on the other hand, you are on vacation, you have the luxury to enjoy this setting without any limitations. 

This beautiful terrace is meant for any weather or day, allowing its guests to enjoy fine Italian cuisine and Mediterranean flavors of La Brezza restaurant. So, either with friends or colleagues, for a delightful break during the day, or for a special dinner, you get to find imaginative salads, great dishes with pasta, authentic Italian risotto, as well as meat and seafood with Mediterranean scents.

The menu holds some wonderful surprises for you, with a great variety of desserts and a long list of drinks and cocktails, for a perfect finish for your dinner.

Find out more about La Brezza and all that you can enjoy on its terrace here.

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