PHOTOS: A special construction with striking curves on Limassol's hills!

A different approach in architectural design is presented through the implementation of a new construction close to Finikaria village, east to Limassol. Located on a gorgeous hill with pine trees, just a few kilometers from the city, this private residence aims to coexist in harmony and in a discreet manner with the landscape,  the trees and bushes and the hills surrounding it, the tops of which have been the inspiration of the architect who designed it.

It is a residence which does not rise on a high level, staying on a ground floor, which allows it to be harmoniously connected with the surrounding area. The most unique of its features, though, its identity, is the shape of its roof. The curvy lines it follows, resemble to the natural curves of the landscape, while it offers a smooth transition from the porch to the rooftop (from the earth to the sky, as some would imagine), with a flowing sequence and impressive folds.

The building is constructed on a  215 square meter land, and it is part of the porfolio of the Architect Angelos Savvides, known for some interesting design ideas, with projects in and outside of Limassol, as well as abroad. Just as with this particular construction, the main goal is to serve the functional needs of the users, showing respect to the landscape, continuing the tradition of a place through evolution, while maintaining the philosophy of allowing an idea to take a shape through design.

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