PHOTOS: A small arcade in Limassol has transformed into a Christmas dream!

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In Limassol’s city center, a small arcade has transformed into a dreamy, Christmas spot for the holiday season, adding a little special touch in the city’s streets.

Series of sting-lights, crafted, white chandeliers, crystals, glittery flowers and white angel feathers consist a unique image, which has brightened a spot that has never been decorated like that before. The reason for this decoration is the operation of a new café, which has made a good use of this little arcade.

Loads of imagination, festive atmosphere and love for crafts by the people of Alfred Coffee has created this over the top world of dream and fairy tales, as the spirit of these days asks. Eventually, except for the people who choose to make a stop at the café, everyone that happens to pass by the area of the library of the CUT, where the café is located, can enjoy this view.