PHOTOS + VIDEO: A new, coastal pedestrian walkway is set to upgrade the image of the Limassol tourist area!

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The Limassol coastline is taking on a new appearance in the Germasogeia Municipality. The plans for a new coastal pedestrian walkway, which aims to upgrade visitors’ experience all along the seafront, has already begun taking shape, and the first finished section is a pleasant indication what the project will look like.

This is an urban project that is on the track towards implementation, thanks to the contribution of seafront business owners. The first section of the coastal pedestrian walkway in Germasogeia was completed with the contribution of the Londa Hotel, in the area just in front of the hotel itself.

The wooden walkway runs along the beach in front of the hotel, allowing guests to relax on the benches that have been set up there, overlooking the sea.

At the same time, the walkway facilitates access to and from the hotel for those who wish to combine a dip in the sea with a visit or a stay at the Londa Hotel.

The design foresees the extension of the project along the entire length of the coast, and its implementation will proceed in coordination with the individuals contributing to it.