PHOTOS: A new 11-meters high glass tower, with a panoramic view in Pissouri!

A new impressive addition comes along to upgrade the experience of those visiting the seaside area at Pissouri village, on the west coast of the Limassol district. The village, which is located on the hills overlooking a bay of a distance of around 2 kilometers, allows breathtaking views to the sea, if you find the right spot to do so.

This nee addition serves this exact purpose. The 11-meters high glass tower, which was constructed recently, consists a new glamorous feature for the revamped, luxurious Columbia Beach Resort. The towers is constructed with aluminum frame and transparent surfaces, shaded on its base and becoming lighter on higher levels, allowing uninterrupted vies to the sea.

The glass tower, constructed by Vakis Associates (the firm that has designed other areas of the revamped resort, too), hosts the elevator taking the hotel’s guests from the lobby to the highest suites, located on the hill above. After its recent renovation, Columbia Beach Resort now has 169 luxurious suites in total, on different levels.

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